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Sunshine Melodies Camp has been a great experience for me.  I have time to hang out with friends as well as do art, sing, dance, and even compose my own songs! A highlight for me of this camp is the big play we put on at the end of the week. There is something for everybody! 
C.S., 5th Grade Camper
I love to sing and play at camp and the games are fun too. - J.M., 1st Grade Camper
My daughter absolutely loved the camp every day! I am so impressed by the curriculum you put together! It was truly a fantastic week!  L.M., Parent
At Sunshine Melodies Camp, I've built friendships with girls who share my love of art, music, and drama, while we learn about composers' and artists' lifestyles. My favorite part of Sunshine Melodies Camp is when we showcase all we've learned by putting on a play about the composer and artist we've studied. The play includes a dance we all learned and songs we have practiced in choir. I look forward to Sunshine Melodies Camp every year because of how we learn new things about music and art while having fun. - C.T., 4th Grade Camper
Sunshine Melodies camp is one of my favorite parts of summer because it is so much fun to learn about music. I could never pick a favorite part, because I enjoy every activity, from Dance to Composition and Choir to Art. I think that I learn a lot about music and art history that I would not have learned at school.
-C.T., 7th Grade Camper